Friday, October 23, 2009

Swearing in as a Peace Corps Volunteer!!!

Yesterday was our swearing in ceremony for Peace Corps Belize 2009-2011! It was a great day!! We had a ceremony in the morning at the Governor General's House, a futbol game against the second year volunteers and staff, and a dinner at the U.S. Ambassador's house!! In the morning we took the Oath, heard from the Ambassador, the Country Director, and a some volunteers. Each language nominated a volunteer to give words of thanks in the languages that we learned. We had Spanish, Maya Ketchi and Kriol. Then we nominated Roger to give the closing remarks to our class. It was a beautiful tropical day with the sun set high in the sky! Host families and counterparts were invited to the ceremony and the lunch that was followed. We then went back to the hotel to change into our soccer gear and head to the field. The game was fun, and we lost miserably to the second year volunteers. After the game we showered and changed back into our formal wears and headed to the U.S. Ambassador's house on the U.S. Embassy compound. This Ambassador was a political appointee by Obama because he was his roommate in College! So he is new to the whole ambassador gig and is enjoying himself thoroughly. Most importantly, he really believes in Peace Corps and fulfilling the missions and goals world wide. He told us that his son is wanting to join the Peace Corps right now and related very well to our experience. His wife, along with the house cooking staff, prepared an amazing meal complete with Wine and American Beers. It was an amazing night and very memorable way to celebrate such an important day.

The scene on the Ambassador's back porch
PCVs Taylor and Charles
The state china and leftover dinner.

The Menu!

The Ambassador on the left, and PC Country Director, Steve, and his wife on the right.
Just hanging in the entrance way of his house.
Signing the guest book... look closely and you can see someone already spilled wine all over it...
The bar on the porch
Diggin' in to some appetizers- Lumpia and Cheese Toast

PCV Heather!
Shaking hands with our Country Director, Steve.
Business and Organizations PCVs with our Technical Trainer, Valentino...
Peace Corps Volunteers Belize 2009-2011!!!!!
PCVs Lilly and Taylor!!!!

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  1. Love the pictures. Barka de Swear-in! ALSO, I can't believe you had DF!! Crazy. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!