Monday, December 28, 2009

Visitors to Mile 25

I promise to write more later, but for now, this should tide you over ::

The above is the blog of a fellow PCV, Kevin. He lives up north in a small village called Yo Creek, about 7 miles outside of Orange Walk. He came to visit for the weekend in Mile 25 and we had a great time! I wanted to share with you his blog entry about our weekend so I don't have to write about :)

Quick update: I had a GREAT Christmas on Mile 25 despite being away from home and family. My friend Heather came to stay with me for 2 nights. She is a PCV in Belmopan and had no where to go for Christmas. We had a great weekend visiting with the villagers and eating great food. I am now up north in Yo Creek visiting Kevin. Yesterday we went to Chetumal, Mexico to shop around. Everyone crosses to border to buy cheap things, mainly cheap alcohol. I brought back a bottle of Tequila that cost me about 5 USD. Tomorrow, we are heading out to Caye Caulker to meet up with the rest of the volunteers coming in from all over Belize! I am really excited to reconnect with them and hear how they are doing in their sites! I will blog when I get back to Mile 25 next year!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, all over the world!