Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Things here are Great!!!! I feel like I am right where I should be here! Village life is going great. I spent lots of days at the Riva over these past few months, cooling off. Now the rain has come as we enter Hurricane Season. Everyone keeps talking about how it is supposed to be one of the most active hurricane seasons this year.. I'm kind of scared. I have experienced the heavy rain over these past few weeks.. I went out and bought my black rubber boots to slosh around the muddy village in...

This past week we swore in 36 new Peace Corps Volunteers to Belize! It was a great event to come together and celebrate. We enjoyed another night at the Ambassador's house with delicious food and free Wine!!!!!! I was selected to represent our volunteer group by giving a welcome speech to the new Country Director that just arrived. It went really well and was very funny :) I then spent the weekend up north in Kevin's Village. We went to Chetumal with 6 other volunteers on Sunday and watched the new Robin Hood Movie at the movie theater!!!! We ate Ceviche, drank Micheladas, and enjoyed the luxury that is Mexico!!!! It was really refreshing!

Coming up:

We are supposed to have a Hurricane Consolidation drill this month. This is where they call all of the 110 volunteers into Belmopan to our Hurricane Shelter there, the Garden City Hotel, and see how long it takes for us all to get there... this can be challenging because we all don't have phone service, or we have to cross rivers that often flood and leave us stranded....

We have a 2 day Spanish refresher course this month!

At the end of the month is the opening of Lobster Season in Belize. This is of course celebrated with Lobsterfest in Placencia!!!!! You will find tons of PCVs there!!!

Then July 8- Aug 3 my Mom and Dad are coming to visit!!!!!!!!! That is a lot of time in Belize!!!! But we are going to travel all over. Visit my old host family in San Antonio, spend some nights of Luxury at Chaa Creek in Cayo, head out to Caye Caulker and Tobacco Caye and explore the deep south by spending some time in the Mayan Villages down there. I know they are going to have a great time just getting to understand my life in Belize and in my village! I cant wait!!!