Thursday, February 18, 2010

News Flash!!!

I'm doing GREAT in Belize!!!!! The weather has been slightly cool as of late... in the 70's that is! Kids come to school in down jackets, hats, ear muffs and wool sweaters... It is a hoot! They think it is the next Ice Age. I am of course loving this weather! Yeah, I wear a sweatshirt at night, but that is it.... still flipflops... best part- there are NO BUGS!!!! Well, that comes and goes when the weather heats up every few days. There is a lot of talk around the village about the Dry season to come next month. They say it is super hot hot hot hot! I am not looking forward to this!

Tomorrow I am going to pick up Jeannie at the airport. Jeannie was my shipboard family on Semester at Sea Summer 2006. She is a big traveler and has been to Belize a handful of times before. Minor, her husband, is a doctor and doing a medical mission in Guatemala. So she decided to fly here to visit me and then take me with her to Guatemala for a week! wahooo.. I am super excited. She is also bringing me some goodies from the land of plenty!!!! think: a crockpot! trashy magazines, yummy chocolate, books for the kids and art supplies for the kids!

Soon to come: my trip to Guatemala!!!!