Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photos of my Village

This is the community center and Internet Cafe and bus stop- bustling downtown Mile 25!!!
Possible home for 2 years : The house is unfinished upstairs but there is one bedroom on the main floor with a toilet and shower out back.. It is perfect! I am going to get a dog too.. haha.. a dog... Some one send me a book about raising a puppy please. I have no idea, but everyone here has dogs for protection and safety.

This is a view of the house I might be renting for the next two years.
Another view of my new homestay house. I am staying with Guatemalan Immigrants that came to Hummingbird years ago. They speak only Spanish!
My new homestay house where I will stay for the next 1.5 months in Hummingbird mile 25

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  1. Emily,
    I love seeing your pics and learning about your unfolding adventure! I'm excited to hear more... School is not the same w/out you & Katie- miss you! Be well,