Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas on Mile 25

Christmas Day on Mile 25!
Sunny Christmas!
Heather enjoying her Christmas Dinner
Enjoying the wine Heather picked up for us in the city!
My house before heading out for New Years

All of my village friends were really impressed that I was going to “pass Christmas right here” along side of them. Leading up to Christmas, everyone would ask me: “Miss Emily, and where will you pass Christmas?” They seemed elated and confused that I was actually staying in Mile 25. I think it was an important time to stay in the village and build some trust and credibility. Everyone said they cook something special and shoot off “fire works” for Christmas. People made Tamales, BBQ, Cheese Dip, Ceviche, etc. Many people will buy a crate of soft drink for the family to celebrate too. Then, they bring these “popshots” over from Mexico, which are just little fireworks that make a loud noise when you light them. They are super annoying and loud, but that is the thing to do around here. People have be bursting popshots since September around here!

My friend Heather, a PCV in Belmopan, came out to my village on the 24th to spend Christmas with me. Living in a bigger town, it was not as important for her to have a presence in her town for the holidays. In fact, no one would even know that she was not there. It is a different dynamic from living in a small village, filled with different challenges and perks. We spent the night cooking with a friend of mine in the village, Beto. We made Pizza, Chicken wings, and Nachos; All of the American favorite dishes. Everything turned out great and we had a fun time cooking together. Then on Christmas, we watched a Christmas movie on my laptop and stayed in bed until noon. Then we went across the street to Pedro’s house and indulged in some BBQ Chicken and Gibnut with his family and friends. Heather and I spent the day visiting in the village. Later in the evening, my counterpart sent over more BBQ and 2 soft drinks for heather and I. Heather had also brought a bottle of white wine from Belmopan. Wine is a real treat as it is very expensive. So we ate our second BBQ of the day from a Styrofoam box, on my plastic table, in my cement house, beneath a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers we had picked the day before, and complete with a bottle of white wine. It was a good Christmas overall, despite it not even feeling like any Christmas I had known before.