Saturday, August 15, 2009

Packing Mania

Packing packing packing.....

I am allowed a grand total of 80 pounds of luggage ( flight restrictions) and thus far, each of my bags weigh (way) too much. No bag can be heavier than 50 pounds alone... I'm looking at 56 pounds and 37 pounds right now, which is >>>>>>>>> 80 pounds. So unpack, repack, weigh, unpack, repack, ditch items, weigh.... I think I have got it down now... But who knows as I find things laying around the house that I failed to pack but are clearly important ( read: laptop, dig cam, LP Belize, etc...) I hope to have an itemized packing list to post soon, but at the rate I am going, that may not be until after I land in Belize and am living without the endless distractions of friends, the internet, coffee runs, tv, Seattle, etc.

I cannot believe that in mere hours I will be landing in Belize, destined to stay for 27 months of living in a sauna. Think of me when you bundle up for a nice fall stroll, and when you frequent your gym sauna for 5 mins to open your pores. Belizeans say that once you step foot in their country, your pores will never close. They will just ooze sweat all day and all night... Did I mention that I will be living in between the same 10 degrees for the next 2 years? Between 80-90 degrees.. High of 91, low of 80; High of 90, low of 82; High of 92, low of 81.. etc. etc.

Off to the College Inn for one last night with Seattle friends!
Be well!

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  1. Emily, this is Emily! I live in Portland and will be joining you in DC for the same purpose :) Very exciting. I also fly out on the 18th so maybe I'll see you there. I'd love to meet people early, rather than sitting along in a hotel room pondering the future :) Good luck in your final preparations!