Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flight Booked to staging

Today I booked my flight from Seattle to Washington D.C. for staging. Staging consists of one long afternoon of meeting my fellow PC volunteers, filling out paperwork, reviewing what it is exactly I am committing to for the next 27 months, etc. We are staying at the Holiday Inn in Georgetown! Sounds good to me. I am flying in a day early because I would not make it all the way from Seattle in time for the start of Staging at 1 pm on Wednesday August 19th. So I am on a direct flight, leaving Seattle at 2 pm on Tuesday, August 18th.

THEN, I just found out that we are leaving for Belize in the wee hours of Thursday, August 20th to catch a 6 am flight from D.C. to Miami, then on to Belize. We are checking out of the hotel at 1:30 AM!!!!!!! Catching a bus at 2 AM to the airport. I suppose that checking 40-some PCVs in for a flight takes a few hours..... strange, but thus the adventure will begin- on a night of no sleep! We will be in Belize by lunch time on Thursday, August 20th! It is only a 2 hour flight from Miami!!

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